New Advanced AI & Blockchain Platform Will Take Writers To The Next Level

This proprietary technology uses various big techs like big data, AI aka Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning. The platform implements them to match with the right story at the right time. Moreover, professionals know this platform as a unique hosting solution that blends partnership, authentication, story analysis, and safety as a whole.

This platform offers an account to create for free with many subscription plans that eventually fit every level of interest. It is now open to executives, writers, producers, managers, actors, directors, etc. However, this program runs on the latest Ethereum Blockchain which establishes an immutable encrypted scripts record along with copyright data.

Story Data helps in converting scripts within data points to develop intelligent searchable sets. There is no such need for professional readers to get searching databases or emails just to recognize the criteria. This functionality sorts every single data from a genre, dialogue, location, to…

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2019-02-13 09:56:32

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