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OpenNode Explains Why They’re A ‘Bitcoin Only’ Company

Being a “bitcoin only” company is no longer as frowned upon as it was during the ICO hysteria of 2017, and it’s possible that the “bitcoin maximalist” position is a more moderate position than many people once thought.

One of the relatively new companies to be branded with the bitcoin maximalist label is OpenNode. Recently, OpenNode’s Rui Gomes and João Almeida were interviewed on the Stephan Livera Podcast, and they explained the reasoning behind their philosophy of avoiding altcoins.

What is OpenNode?

According to Gomes and Almeida, the main goal for OpenNode right now is to make the acceptance of bitcoin via on-chain and Lightning Network transactions as easy as possible. The team behind the company are also currently focused on getting more users and liquidity onto the Lightning Network specifically, which many view as a potential improvement over altcoins focused on low-fee transactions.

“OpenNode is here to make bitcoin for everyday [use], so that’s our mission,” said…

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2019-02-07 21:30:00

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