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Paper Bitcoin: What Is It And Why It Will Crush Under Pressure

In a new video the popular cryptocurrency YouTuber, Mr_Kristof, he talks about paper Bitcoin and that there is potentially 42 million of the asset in circulation.

On 17th December 2017, the CME Group launches its futures platform. On this same day, this is when Bitcoin was nearing $20,000. Remember, this is during a time when mainstream media outlets were covering the price of Bitcoin on a daily basis as it was well known at this point that you could make millions off the leading cryptocurrency.

Mr_Kristof makes a comparison to the gold market saying that gold is something that you can’t use on a day to day basis simply because it is heavy, clumsy and just an asset that places probably won’t accept, plus it’s a store of value which is just a way to make money for most people. With Bitcoin, however, it is relatively easy to complete transactions. Granted, there aren’t that many places out there that will accept Bitcoin at…

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2019-02-11 10:30:00

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