Report: 12.7% of Shoppers Want Amazon to Sell Crypto Services, is it a Possibility?

Only 12.7% of Amazon customers want the marketplace to sell crypto products or services, according to a new report.

Global financial portal surveyed more than 1,000 Amazon clients to study their consumption rate from the online portal. The survey included a section that discussed possible products – hypothetical services that Amazon should offer as a part of its industrial expansion.

Respondents, who were allowed to select multiple options, voted mostly in favor of an Amazon-backed computer offering (72.9%), followed by local coupons and deals (51.7%), prescription drugs (36.7%), home security (31%) and even medical marijuana (29.5).

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13.7% Amazon clients want the portal to list cryptocurrency products | Source:

Flirting with Crypto

The survey followed years of speculation that Amazon would integrate cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on its platform. Enthusiasts expect the e-commerce behemoth, which serves 310 million customers worldwide, to…

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2019-02-07 14:30:10

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