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Ripple/XRP: Reporters take another unsuccessful stab at the XRP Army; CTO comes to the rescue

XRP army aka the XRP community has been caught up in the crossfire of the reporters yet again due to the controversy of it being aggressive and turning “neutral analysts” against XRP.

The shots fired against the XRP community and the reporters took place on one of the most active platforms for cryptocurrencies – Twitter. The thread grew in size after David Gerard’s tweet, a prominent author.

The tweet stated:

“the absolutely dumbest thing about the XRP Army is their assumption that everyone who thinks they’re ridiculous idiots *must* be a Bitcoin Maximalist
crypto, do you think you could stop delivering some time”

@SbMeunier added to the original tweet as he stated:

“The irony is that the XRP Ripple trolls are so dumb that instead of persuading people about the benefits of their system, they turn everybody, even the most neutral analysts, against XRP”

Gerard replied to this comment by saying that he doesn’t object the of XRP and that it has some potential use-case in the payment…

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2019-02-01 12:30:06

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