Russia Studying Proposal for New and Better Crypto Regulations. Oil-backed Crypto May Be a Possibility

The Russian Duma (a division of the country’s legislative power) is studying the possibility of changing its political position on crypto; a decision that could be one of the most important resolutions regarding the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in the region.

Igor Yusufov

Although the details of this political move remain unknown, it is essential to understand that despite being one of Bitcoin’s main trading markets worldwide, Russia still has a somewhat restrictive stance when it comes to the crypto business.

However, on several occasions various members of the government have given clues to accept the possibility of issuing a central bank supported crypto, and although in most cases the information covered by media consist mainly of rumors and comments, a report by Rusian finance outlet Rambler, the former Energy Minister of Russia, Igor Yusufov, is proposing the creation of an oil-backed stablecoin.

Apparently, by next month the country should have a…

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2019-02-24 05:14:33

Jose Antonio Lanz

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