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Sea-Change For Bytecoin With The Full Release Of Amethyst

Bytecoin​ has rolled out the stable version of Amethyst 3.4.0, solidifying a swath of updates that retool the platform.

Previously in its beta stage, Amethyst 3.4.0 is the product of a long process of testing and refinement. The stable release ossifies the following six changes:

  • Deterministic wallets​: previously wallet keys and passwords were kept inside of the wallet file itself. While this method bolsters security, if someone forgets his password his wallet and funds are lost to him forever. With this update Bytecoin has introduced Mnemonic passphrases to their platform, allowing people with the new version of the wallets to regain lost access.
  • Unlinkable addresses​: via CryptoNote research and development Bytecoin developers have figured out a way to create entirely unlinkable addresses. This allows for groups of addresses to share the same view keys without an outside observer being able to tell if these addresses have a common derivative key. This update picks up…

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2019-02-11 14:00:00

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