Slant’s GDPR Compliant Privacy Solution Will Now Be Blockchain LifeSaver 

Back in January last year, Slant initiated operations to build up a system that will privatize data computations along with marketplaces within a distributed environment. Moreover, the entire technology team of entrepreneurs has been working on this project including:

  • Michael Breidenbrucker
  • Marcel Vaschauner
  • Angelo Laub
  • Fabian Frank
  • Tassia Breidenbrucker

Michael Breidenbrucker is the popular personality along with being a founder at Lastfm, RjDj. He has partnered with Speedinvestas, a venture firm as well as Slant. Moreover, he holds a specialization of working with honored artists like Imogen Heap, Hans Zimmer, Booka Shade.

Additionally, he has also contributed in creating an App- Inception back in 2011 with the help of Christopher Nolan who is a multiple award-winning film director. The source claims this App to rank for the fifth position in terms of the US App store chart.

The Press Release

Let’s get in detail about Slant. The press release states that recently Slant…

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2019-02-04 12:21:03

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