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Stablecoins Have a Bigger Market Opportunity Then Bitcoin: Report

According to Satoshi Capital Research data, stablecoins have a market opportunity of about $18.8 trillion and in the entire last year, Tether (USDT) registered the trading volume of $1.1 trillion in last year.


Market Opportunity

A few days ago, Satoshi Capital Research shared the market opportunity of Bitcoin and Stablecoins as well. Where Bitcoin market opportunity is over $14 trillion, Stablecoin has an even bigger field of more than $18 trillion.

“The market opportunity of bitcoin technology is over $65 trillion. We calculate BTC itself has a potential market of $14.7 trillion, stablecoins have a potential market of $18.8 trillion, and smart banking solutions have a potential market of $32.3 trillion.”


When it comes to top stablecoin market opportunities, EUR (Euro) is at the top followed by CNY (Chinese Yuan), JPY (Japanese yen), GBP (British pound sterling), and then CAD (Canadian Dollar).


Tether [USDT]: A Clear Winner among the Stablecoins

According to the data provided…

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2019-02-01 18:52:30

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