Tech Embeds Ads in Games to Stop Interruptions and Help Developers Make Money

A Swiss gaming company has created a blockchain-based solution to make in-game advertising more attractive to players, developers and advertisers.

A Swiss company claims it has unveiled “a new approach” for in-game advertising that sees promotional content embedded into gameplay instead of interrupting experiences for players.

Vreo says players stand to benefit from more attractive forms of in-game advertising, as developers are paid based on the attention players pay to the content they see.

The startup hopes that this novel approach will see new advertisers enter the growing market, and help clamp down on ad fraud and bots.

Vreo argues that the current practice of interrupting a game to show advertisements is not working. Not only are some savvy players installing ad blockers to stop banners appearing, but the inconvenience can even cause some customers to abandon a title altogether.


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2019-02-04 10:59:00

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