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Tech Giants Samsung & Sony Exploring Bitcoin Wallet Solutions

In the recent Samsung Galaxy S10 leak, there was a picture that revealed a built-in cryptocurrency app developed by Samsung. The leak revealed the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore app which is a cold storage wallet for cryptocurrencies where the user’s wallet is stored anonymously on the blockchain network.

The Blockchain KeyStore app will allow users to create a new cryptocurrency wallet or import an existing wallet. The app will offer some unique features including a biometric authentication system through a fingerprint scan to further protect their wallet. The welcome page of the app describes Samsung Blockchain KeyStore as a secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency.

Samsung previously filed for three trademark applications in December showing their plans for blockchain and cryptocurrency software apps built for smartphones. The three trademarks that Samsung filed for are named Blockchain KeyStore, Blockchain Core and Blockchain key box. The trademark documents didn’t…

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2019-02-02 15:00:00

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