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The $700 billion dollar “Death of Cryptocurrency” is just the beginning

It is important to talk about where we are right now.

You can probably feel it yourself, the depression stage of the cycle categorised by fear, doubt, the reluctance to invest capital and general panic.

Do you know how far Amazon stock dropped in the tech bubble from January 2000 - September 2001 [20 months later]?

It dropped 95% – sound familiar?

During this time nobody wanted to touch it, the market could only think of negative reasons why the price would go down forever. Investors were pessimistic, and nobody had the courage to act.

Some companies died, forever, but what came next was the re-birth of something 100x bigger. It went from a tech bubble to the tech revolution. And you wouldn’t be here if, at some stage, you didn’t believe in the blockchain revolution. Now, we don’t know which companies will be the next blockchain Amazons, but we are looking for them every day. And we will find them.

While we move through this stage of the cycle, capital will be tight, and…

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2019-02-01 11:30:57

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Written by Ambcrypto

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