The Pharmaceutical Industry And Blockchain Technology Will Go Hand In Hand 

Patientory is basically a startup with its core focus on healthcare data handling. This platform is collaborating with IrisGuard to use their blockchain data storage in combination with iris biometric technology. Both of these organizations agree on attaining modern and safe patient screening.

The Patientory app is an entirely HIPPA-compliant, which recently adds another layer of security to its platform. This is via an authorization on the blockchain. Moreover, IrisGuard appears among the top suppliers regarding sensitive biometric technology, and the platform which can be used on large populations.

Additionally, this enterprise web portal solution along with application integrates EyePay, which is the IrisGuard’ proprietary tool. They intend to use mobile technology that currently the United Nations Agencies are utilizing within their projects. In the very same way, iris-scanning devices are used to screen migrants relative to the human trafficking, and also for registering…

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2019-02-01 12:29:50

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