Trader: If Bitcoin Declines in February, it Would be First 7-Month Consecutive Decline

Bitcoin has come closer to establishing its longest-running bear market, alarmed Alex Kruger.

The famous cryptocurrency trading analyst said Monday that it was the first time bitcoin had entered a long period of selling sentiment in its 10-year history. In December 2017, the value of bitcoin per piece was close to $20,000. As of January 31, 2018, it was close to $3,450. That marks a circa 82% drop in 13-months.

History of Bitcoin Bear Trends

Technically, Bitcoin has already established its most extended selling phase by beating its previous bear market with four days. Between December 16, 2017, and now, a total of 415 days posted a negative return of 82.53%. Considering the bear market has ended for the same period, and the bitcoin’s previous…

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2019-02-04 13:25:24

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