Tron Price Analysis: Bottom Line for TRX is Privacy, Justin Sun has Plans

  • Tron prices resume trend, up 1.6 percent in the last day
  • Justin Sun plans to incorporate ZK-SNARKs and make TRX a privacy coin
  • Transactional volumes must spike above 31 million reaffirming bulls and confirming current trend

Days after a successful ICO, TRX bulls are back. It is likely that prices will expand above 4 cents. Besides, future additions of ZK-SNARKs will increase as the platform attracts privacy-centric investors.

Tron Price Analysis


BitTorrent’s BTT ICO may have been an overwhelming success indicating that Tron is indeed a central player in the crypto world. However, even with all cylinders firing, Justin Sun is not sated. The desire here is to make TRX a privacy coin. They will perhaps follow the Ethereum route whose founder, Vitalik Buterin, has proposed ZK-SNARKs for scalability.

Luckily, ZK-SNARKs can also be used to implement privacy features. ZCash did that successfully and TRX may the next major coin to try out this feature. In an exclusive…

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2019-02-01 18:00:17

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