Union Bank of Philippines Launches Two-Way Crypto ATMs

While talking about the countries with a prominent Bitcoin ecosystem, the majority of the crypto investors instantly recalls the U.S., Singapore, Malta, Japan, and South Korea as their supportive places. Though, there are many on the other side that draws very little attention to the Philippines, which is a country seemingly to fill up the brim with relevant cryptocurrency users.

One such news says about the large financial institution operating in the Philippines that made a notable pro-crypto move. This step intends to potentially spark mainstream adoption into the Asian nation.

Union Bank of Philippines Launches Two-Way Crypto ATMs

The report is about Union Bank of Philippines which is basically the seventh largest banking company in the country. The bank is preparing to launch a crypto asset ATM aka automated teller machines. The news reporter Philippine Star broke this news which cites a Union Bank press statement.

According to the statement, earlier this week, Union Bank has…

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2019-02-11 08:19:07

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