Venture Investor: Binance is Systemically Important To Crypto

Binance Chain Is Paramount To BNB

It isn’t a secret that Binance has been ‘popping off’ recently. Over recent weeks and months, the popular cryptocurrency exchange has embarked on a number of notable ventures, allowing its in-house crypto asset, BNB, to surge higher.

Yet, some have begun to question the long-term viability of the cryptocurrency, especially as the Malta-registered Binance will continue to diminish the reward structure for holders of BNB on its flagship exchange. Kyle Samani, the managing partner of blockchain investment group Multicoin Capital, however, says that the upstart is well on its way to ensuring that there is long-term demand (meaning value) for BNB. He broke down his thoughts in a recent Twitter thread.

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2019-02-23 20:33:50

Nick Chong

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