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XRP Can Be Used To Buy US Stocks Says Abra CEO

If you’ve never heard of them, Abra is a financial service and technology firm that operates an all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet and exchange app. The company is already rolling out the new trading feature using Bitcoin and now, the CEO for Abra, Bill Barhydt has said that they will be integrating the same functionality for XRP in the future.

As you can see above, the tweet came in response from XRP Nation who responded to Barhydt’s reply saying “That’s awesome news. Keep up the great work!! #xrpcommunity”.

Speaking of XRP and Ripple, the payment protocol firm has announced 11 new partnerships with leading universities around the world. The company has a University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) which was designed in order to provide grants and support programs to help grow the blockchain ecosystem.

The list goes of the new partners to come on board with Ripple are as follows:

  • Carnegie Mellon…

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2019-02-08 11:30:00

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