Analysts Wary That Bitcoin (BTC)’s Lull Could Set Precedent For A(nother) Crypto Plunge

Bitcoin Price Action Looks Eerily Similar To Late-2018

Markets have patterns. There’s no hiding that non-secret. While these market trends may sometimes be hard to spot, sometimes, they’re more apparent than ever. This too is the case with Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies, despite their nascency.

Moon Overlord, a popular chartist with a mass of Twitter followers, recently drew attention to an interesting trend in BTC. The trader, who commands the eyes and ears of tens of thousands, notes that the price action seen since late-November is eerily similar to than seen from July to early-November.

More specifically, during these two timeframes, which are now exactly the same length time-wise, BTC has held relatively flat. However, what Overlord seems to be drawing attention to is the gap between the two periods, which saw…

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2019-03-15 03:00:04

Nick Chong

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