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Italian Facebook Users Notice New Payment Option On Platform

Users of Facebook in Italy have noticed something out of the ordinary recently on Facebook. They’ve noticed a new option on the apps social network that invites them to “Paga con Facebook” meaning, Pay with Facebook. The option has also got a Bitcoin-like logo above it too. Simultaneously, there has been some new rumours which have surfaced about the firm’s plans to enter the crypto space with their new digital currency, Facebook Coin. Even though there hasn’t been an official announcement on the subject by Facebook, hopefully, we aren’t too far away from one.

The news on Facebooks Italian users came from a tech site based in the country, Mobile World. The new payment option has been seemingly made available for both Android and iOS users in the country but isn’t yet available for users in the UK nor users in the US.

According to Mobile World, the new system works similarly to purchases on the Facebook Marketplace where the buyer has to send payment request and then wait for it…

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2019-03-17 11:00:00

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