Litecoin (LTC) Firm above $50, Blockchain Could Modernize Congress

  • Litecoin price up 3.4 percent
  • The blockchain is a window and an opportunity
  • Participation level rise as Litecoin prices print higher

Kevin McCarthy believes that blockchain will help build trust in public institutions. Such remarks are bullish for blockchain and could help prices of digital assets as Litecoin recovers from current lows.

Litecoin Price Analysis


Although we cannot refute the link between Litecoin and Bitcoin, we must agree that there are differences. The latter has a vibrant community. Since it is a public blockchain, changes are hard to make. Instead, laid down procedures must be followed before implementation.

Such is the case with recent findings that elements can use the network to launder cash by paying outrageous fees while sending miniscule amounts. It may be legal and perfectly played by the book. However, it is the increasing frequency of accidental fat fingers that may even be a source of investigation.

Overly, it is good that there is…

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2019-03-15 19:00:01

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