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New York Times Could Launch Huge Blockchain Experiment

The second largest newspaper in the United States and often cited as one of the largest newspapers in the world, the New York Times has recently announced that they could be due to start experimenting in the use of blockchain technologies in order to make their publishing operations more efficient. This news comes after the New York Times allegedly published a new job posting that suggests the firm are looking for an in-house person to design and develop a blockchain based technology (using proof of concept) for news publishers. This, if indeed this is a plan for the New York Times would see them develop the first ever multi-use blockchain based news publishing platform, for mainstream news outlets at least.  

New York Times are employing an individual with a progressive attitude that is able to help design a new blockchain publication product. The aim for the newspaper is to have this individual working alongside the New York Times current research and development team, in order…

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2019-03-16 09:00:00

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