No Power On Earth Can Stop Bitcoin From The Long Run Says John McAfee

Bitcoin (BTC), the biggest cryptocurrency holding around 52% of crypto market, has broken the $4,000 barrier.

The leading cryptocurrency by market value is currently trapped in the range of 3,920-$4,020. At the time of writing, the coin is trading at $4,082.74 with 1.07% uptrend and market cap value of  $71,847,789,994.

Most analysts agree that another move higher is urgently needed in order to maintain upward momentum.

Bitcoin Broke Through The 4K Barrier Says John McAfee‏

The US Presidential Candidate and crypto enthusiast John McAfee, made another statement in favour of Bitcoin saying,

People complaining about Bitcoin price manipulation by powerful players. Forget it. There’s not enough power on Earth that can stop Bitcoin in the long run. Relax and be patient.

Bitcoin Has A Long Future! …

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2019-03-21 04:54:12

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