Prominent Academic: Bitcoin and Crypto Not True Currencies Until They Can Establish Stability

There’s no question that by-and-large most academics and professors aren’t the biggest fans of Bitcoin and crypto in general, but it remains unclear as to whether or not their biases will change as the nascent technologies evolve.

In a recent interview, one prominent Yale professor shared his thoughts on cryptocurrencies, and expressed some unique ideas regarding the trends surrounding ledger-based decentralized currencies and the demand for a store of value outside the traditional banking system.

Professor: There is a Demand for Currencies Outside of the Banking System, Could Bitcoin be the Solution? 

William Goetzmann, a professor at Yale and a Pulitzer Prize recipient who is an expert on the history of finance, shared his thoughts on cryptocurrencies in a recent interview, and offered an opinion on the quickly evolving technologies that is seldom seen within the high-brow academic circles.

Although Goetzmann initially expressed a cautious sentiment towards Bitcoin, noting…

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2019-03-16 19:30:12

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