Sanctions? What Sanctions? North Korea Finding A Window in Crypto

Even in the face of US and UN imposed sanctions, North Korea is resolute and effective in rendering international embargoes useless. Recent chronicles from the US Panel of Experts now corroborate findings of what cyber experts, foreign relations specialists and other observers that the isolated country have all along been using their formidable cyber prowess to by-pass sanctions and raise money to fund their nuclear operations.

Not only do the country’s operators working in cohort with
the country’s intelligence arm, the Reconnaissance General Bureau, said to be
actively siphoning funds from closed accounts in Europe to bank accounts
throughout Asia via the previously flagged Glocom and the Malaysia-Korea
Partners Group of Companies (MKP). The shell company’s illicit activities
including “ongoing use of overseas
companies and individuals to obfuscate income-generating activities for the
regime of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
” have been highlighted

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2019-03-19 09:00:03

Dalmas Ngetich

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