Tron’s Justin Sun Remains Bullish on Crypto: Bitcoin Lightning Network to be a Tailwind

Tron (TRX) CEO Holds Optimistic Tone On Crypto

Justin Sun, the chief executive of Tron, recently sat down with CNBC’s “First On” segment to discuss his expectations for the cryptocurrency industry moving forward. The Chinese crypto-centric entrepreneur drew attention to a number of reasons why investors should be bullish on assets like Bitcoin (BTC) and TRX.

First on the chopping block, the growth of the Lightning Network. Over the course of the past months, the scaling solution has been openly endorsed by players like Jack Dorsey from Twitter & Square, along with Reid Hoffman from LinkedIn, Blockstream, and Microsoft, leading to a surge in the adoption of the Bitcoin protocol. Many believe that Lightning’s recent uptick will precede adoption in the mainstream, as brick and mortar outlets and payment applications purportedly look to integrate near-instant, effectively free, secure, and uncensorable BTC payments.

Second, Sun draws attention to the fact that JP Morgan and…

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2019-03-15 03:00:59

Nick Chong

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