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Understanding Tron Token Standards – TRC10 and TRC20

With the advent of Tron’s MainNet, the world of Dapp’s and ICO’s have got a new life, thanks to its congestion free network and technologically superior tokens. While Tron is nascent it has two token standards to help Dapp developers launch their project on its MainNet the TRC10 and TRC20

TRC10 – The easy ICO standard

TRC10 was the first token standard on the Tron’s Mainnet and was released with the MainNet itself. TRC10 is widely supported and if anyone has come across any TRC token, chances are high that it will the TRC token. To carry out an ICO with the TRC standard token is extremely easy as it requires no programming knowledge of any kind. In fact, the only requirement here is having 1024 TRC in one’s wallet and going through a few easy steps mentioned on the TronScan page.

Another reason that makes TRC10 a favorite ICO token is its free in most cases, only costing bandwidth making it a perfect initial token to gauge the interest of the investment community. Most major…

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2019-03-16 13:04:11

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