Will Ripple (XRP) Close Above 40 Cents? Momentum Building

  • Ripple price ranging but bullish
  • Financial sanctions help drive assets demand
  • Participation levels drop, averages drop from 30 million to 16 million in three weeks.

Trump’s plan of imposing financial sanctions on Maduro and other Venezuela elites could backfire affecting ordinary citizens. However, it justifies the need of shifting to a decentralized ledger that is global and resistant to local politics. Ripple’s XRP ledger is one of them.

Ripple Price Analysis


The only way of heaping pressure on President Maduro and his cronies is if there are stiff financial measures that will help dry his taps. In a presidential crisis that has brought much suffering to Venezuelans, the Trump Administration is considering imposing sanctions on Venezuela.

As a result, Visa, MasterCard, and other US companies won’t process transactions in Venezuela tightening the noose on the government’s finances. These financial sanctions are aimed at influential Maduro supporters and are…

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2019-03-16 15:05:35

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