WooCommerce Integrates XRP When eCommerce Sales Are Projected to Hit $4.8 Trillion by 2021

By design, Ripple solutions are tailored specifically for
financial institutions and global banks. However, and gauging from their recent
developments, the global payment platform is changing tact. Days after
announcing their partnership with Forte and dedicating $100 million to promote
and grow blockchain based gaming, XRPL Labs—the
company founded by Wieste Wind—the innovative and tireless co-founder who
recently had the backing of Xpring– has successfully integrate XRP in

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Wind’s XRPL Labs

This is massive for XRP and WooCommerce. It is easy to see why. XRP as
a currency is inherently fast, secure and global meaning settlements are done
instantaneously. Similarly, WooCommerce is global and as the first open source
e-commerce plugin for small and medium sized online stores, the platform is
attractive powering 3.3 million online users across the globe translating to 28
percent of all online stores.

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2019-03-19 10:00:49

Dalmas Ngetich

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