Yacht Owners Offered Crypto for Geo-Data as Company Tries to Improve Navigation Systems

A marine navigation company is giving yacht enthusiasts the chance to mine cryptocurrency as they sail — all in exchange for their geo-data.

A crypto company that bills itself as “the future of yachting navigation” says its technology enables sailors to mine tokens as they sail.

BoatPilot offers a free marine navigation service that is geared toward private and commercial yachting markets. The firm describes itself as a blend of Google Maps and TripAdvisor, as it offers up-to-date and relevant data and a comprehensive database of user-generated photos, routes and comments that have been verified by the yachting community. Augmented reality (AR) support also means that the data that the skippers need can be incorporated into their surroundings — eliminating distractions and enabling skippers to focus when sailing in poor visibility or darkness.

The company believes that one of the best ways…

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2019-03-15 12:55:00

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