YAX Announces Token Sale for Platform Set to Revolutionize the Online Advertising Industry

YAX, a blockchain-based advertising exchange platform, has announced that it will be launching its initial coin offering (ICO) before the end of March, taking place on the LEEKICO platform. The YAX platform seeks to replace the traditional Internet advertising model of commerce with a fair and transparent system that rewards each stakeholder in the digital advertising ecosystem, from advertisers and consumers to publishers and creators.

YAX allows users to earn tokens from its network through content creation and consumption. Tokens are “mined” whenever media is accessed, and then split among visitors, content creators, and publishers. There are two ways to accumulate tokens from YAX; either by visiting web pages or apps specified by the YAX platform, or by visiting media pages or apps that have registered with YAX and have their own contribution code. YAX then offers online publishers the option to use advertising management platforms that share traffic, such as mobile apps,…

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2019-03-15 12:23:22

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