Ambisafe Issues On-Chain Shares of a Fund Tracking Economic Interest in SpaceX

Many investors are already engaged in private equity investing – shares of companies that are not publicly traded on the stock exchanges. However, the acquisition of giant companies’ shares in the secondary market is associated with a number of obstacles that make the stock market closed. Ambisafe, blockchain infrastructure provider, in partnership with US Capital Global, has allowed retail investors to own economic interest in Elon Musk’s SpaceX with its $31 billion valuation.

Since the company’s shares are not traded on the public exchanges like NYSE or NASDAQ, those who want to acquire them have to wait for the next round of investment or buy shares from their current owners by spending several hundred thousand dollars and a lot of time for paperwork.

There is also an option to wait until the company becomes public and its securities are available on the mainstream exchanges. Making the company public, though, may not be ever planned by Elon Musk. The owner of Tesla…

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2019-04-08 13:06:29

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