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Amid ‘Ban PewDiePie’ Petition, YouTube Star Moves to Blockchain-Based Streaming Platform, DLive

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg (Pronounced: ‘PuDeePi’), who hosts the most subscribed channel on Youtube in the world since 2013 will stream live weekly on Blockchain based streaming platform, DLive from April 14, 2019.

Felix signed an exclusive deal with DLive, he said in the press release:

“I’m excited to start live-streaming again regularly,” said PewDiePie. “DLive is great for me because I’m treated like a real partner.”

The Blockchain based platform, DLive is more favorable for content creators because of its ‘Value-Sharing Content Economy’ scheme which offers more than 90% of the revenue from the ads to the creators. Other popular live streaming platforms take almost 50% of the share of the total revenue.

Wilson Wei, Co-Founder of Lino Network,

“PewDiePie has always been a fierce advocate for the value that creators bring with their hard work, time, and effort, and he believes in DLive’s vision. Our livestreaming platform has the potential to forever change how creators are…

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2019-04-10 14:55:24

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