Analysts Convinced Bitcoin Bottom Is Finally In, New Highs Inevitable

Bottom this, bottom that. At long last, prominent crypto analysts across the board are convinced that Bitcoin (BTC) has finally bottomed in this cycle, and will not see fresh lows for years, if at all.

While this may sound like wanton wishless thinking, a strong case has been made for this theory. In fact, the “bottom is in” theory has garnered so much traction that some of the industry’s biggest names have subscribed.

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Bitcoin Bottom Might Just Be In

A well-followed trader going by “Mr. TA” on Twitter, the founder of a cryptocurrency education group, recently explained why he believes that Bitcoin has already put in its lows for this cycle.

He explains that historically, BTC has found a price bottom about one year out from its quad-annual block reward reductions — what many refer to as “halvings” or “halvenings.” It is important to know that this is a known fact, as made…

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2019-04-11 08:57:07

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