Battle of the DApp Platforms — Ethereum vs. EOS

Since EOS launched its main net last
year, the rivalry between EOS and Ethereum has become ever more heated as each
tries to position itself as the superior offering. Shots are frequently fired
from both sides.

Most recently, Block.One CEO Brendan Blumer expressed his view that EOS can “unleash Bitcoin and make it more decentralized than ever,” although he didn’t elaborate on how this could happen. However, his comments quickly drew return fire from Joe Lubin, Consensys founder, who stated that “a platform controlled by 21 crypto bros is just not all that decentralized.” From an objective standpoint, neither platform is perfect. Ethereum has yet to solve the scalability challenge, and EOS is frequently criticized for being too centralized, as well as prohibitively expensive for dapp developers. However, improvement efforts are underway to resolve the challenges. So how are the issues within each platform being addressed, and which is likely to come out ahead? …

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2019-04-17 21:19:44

Adrian Mathieu

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