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Bitcoin Craze Peaks in Brazil As The Country Creates A Latin American Record

A slump in most South American economies and collapsing local fiat currencies is becoming a big reason that citizens of these countries are embracing cryptocurrencies. But the craze for this new form of money is high that Brazil’s recorded trading volume on April 10th surpassed 100 thousand Bitcoins creating a new Latin American record

Brazil seeing a spike in volumes since the start of April

Latin America has been a market that has embraced the crypto revolution really well. There is a general acceptance of cryptocurrencies has been extraordinary in the southern continent and the trading volumes to have been on the rise. And with the recent rise in the price of Bitcoin, the volumes have been skyrocketing.

The impact of this price rise has been so high  the movements of the crypto active market in Brazil and on April 10, the country broke the record in Latin America of BTC trading volume, with more than 100 thousand Bitcoins traded in 24 hours, according to data from the…

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2019-04-16 00:29:36

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