Bulls Chorus, Bitcoin (BTC) Steady above $5,000 despite Liquidation Risks

  • Bitcoin price close above $5,000
  • Analysts and Investors confident of market recovery

The Bitcoin moon-sling chorus is only getting louder as the market ooze confidence thanks to early April upswings and supporting candlestick arrangement. Even so, there should be a conclusive close above $6,000 before bulls lift prices higher.

Bitcoin Price Analysis


Not only are ordinary investors and traders optimistic of Bitcoin’s long-term prospects–after prices rallied past $4,500 and bulls are actively rejecting anything below $5,000. Even so, analysts are on overdrive, dispensing their two cents on what the future possibly holds.

While this is positive, hinting of changing sentiments after 15 months of depression, we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. If anything, we can project, but no-one knows for sure what the future holds. For coin holders, the value will is from supporting regulations and increasing adoption.

Should adoption be the primary determinant, then we should…

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2019-04-15 19:00:38

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