Civic CEO: Crypto Winter Not Over Until Bitcoin Leaves Alts Behind

The CEO and co-founder of blockchain-based identity platform Civic (CVC) has stated that he does not think the crypto bear market is over just yet. Vinny Lingham Tweeted that any upward surges are ultimately unsustainable until Bitcoin price can move independently of the other digital coins.

Lingham’s opinions stand in stark contrast to many analysts in the crypto industry who believe that downwards trend observed following the 2017 crash in Bitcoin prices is over. The South African entrepreneur states that too much upside without a decoupling between Bitcoin and the many alternative cryptos will ultimately lead to more investor pain.

Lingham on Bitcoin and Alts: “Maybe We Need Another Bubble to Learn More Lessons?”

The CEO of the Civic blockchain-based identity platform, Vinny Lingham, has offered a contrary view on the current Bitcoin and wider crypto market than those provided by many analysts of late. The South African crypto entrepreneur took to Twitter earlier today to…

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2019-04-10 21:00:37

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