Coinbase Loses 3 Senior Executives in 6 Months as Dan Romero Quits Position

Dan Romero, who held various positions at Coinbase, is stepping down after five years.

United States cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has lost another senior executive as its head of international, Dan Romero, announced his resignation in a blog post on April 12.

Romero, who worked for five years at the company in various positions, follows director of institutional sales, Christine Sandler, and ex-vice president and general manager, Adam White in quitting the firm.

Sandler left in March to join pro-crypto financial services giant Fidelity Investments, while White sought new pastures in October last year.

Romero had also worked in White’s role, and his departure continues a winding down of institution-focused activity at Coinbase.

While continuing its expansion, retail and cryptocurrency industry business now forms a priority for the exchange.

“After 5 years, I’m leaving Coinbase at the end of the month,”…

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2019-04-12 14:07:00

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