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Crypto Daily & Dragon Partnership

Here at Crypto Daily, we are always investigating and expanding into new areas as we look to develop high-quality partnerships. During this process, we were bound to make a few friends along the way as we have with Dragon who we have a real connection with when it comes to cryptocurrency.

This partnership has been developing behind the scenes for a few months now, so it feels terrific to announce that we have partnered with Dragon, creators of Dragon Coin, the world’s number one entertainment coin.

In an impressively short time compared to more established news sites, we have forged several strong connections to help us get the latest news out to you as quickly as possible including Google News, Steemit, News Now, Trading Views and more than 200 different cryptocurrency apps on the App Store and Google Play. So, it’s an absolute pleasure to now be able to add Dragon to that list.

Who are Dragon?

Dragon is the Worlds Number One Entertainment Coin, bridging the gap between…

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2019-04-12 22:35:00

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