Crypto Game Teaches Kids About the Environment

For fans of cryptocurrency and video games, the Earth is about to get a whole lot better.

Crypto and the Environment Come Together

With all the talk centering around climate change, global warming and other environmental problems, one entrepreneur is using the power and benefits of digital assets to raise awareness and rescue the planet before irreversible damage is done.

Andrew Robinson and his wife Mallika were driving through the countryside one day with their young son and his friend in the back seat. They were discussing video games, but their names were not common. Robinson says:

They were talking about these fantasy worlds and all these monster types and shields they needed to protect themselves… And we realized they had a whole taxonomy of these worlds in their heads.

The couple then began wondering:

Could we create a game in which you go out into the real world, and you’re learning the names of all these exciting creatures which, in many ways, are far more fantastical…

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2019-04-15 17:00:21

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