Crypto Market Cap Could Rise 40% To $225B If Key Resistance Is Broken

The crypto market has seen a resurgence in recent months, as Bitcoin price bounced off what appears to be its final bear market bottom, and rallied to $5,000 where it’s currently consolidating.

The most recent move took the overall crypto market cap, which includes all altcoins and Bitcoin, from $140 billion, to $180 billion where it was rejected at strong resistance. Should the total market cap break the current resistance level, one analysts believes a nearly 40% rise is in the cards, taking the crypto market cap potentially to $225 billion.

Crypto Market Cap Could Reach $225 Billion If Resistance Is Overcome

Price action in the crypto market is heating up once again, as bullish sentiment and an apparent alt season made a return. While Bitcoin’s rejection at $5,400 has caused the overall market to bleed out a bit during the pullback, the potential for further upward movement is high given the fact that many indicators are pointing toward a new uptrend.

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2019-04-11 20:00:53

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