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Crypto-Market Update: REP gain on Coinbase Listing, BAT and XTZ Rise Continues

The cryptocurrency markets especially altcoins have bloomed impressively in 2019. Some of the popular altcoins including Litecoin, Binance [BNB] coin and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has gained more than 150%. Furthermore, many other cryptocurrencies have increased significantly in value. These have mostly been influenced by a positive fundamental development and influx of investors.

The total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency markets is just below $180 billion. The dominance of Bitcoin has, however, increased over the past week. Nevertheless, while the market continues to weed out the ‘sh!tcoins,’ these utility coins continue to grow. Lists Augur (REP)

Coinbase added Augur (REP) token on on 18th April 2019. REP will be made available to all Coinbase customers, however, New York users would have to initially wait.

Augur (REP) provides a platform for setting up trades and shares for any ‘predictable situation in the market.’ It can vary from elections,…

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2019-04-18 03:39:18

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