Decibet: The Football Betting Platform for Crypto Enthusiasts

What Is Decibet? 

Decibet is a website which allows users
to place bets on their favorite football (soccer) matches by using a wide
variety of cryptocurrencies. By providing the best quotes, Decibet wants to
give its users the most convenient and fast betting experience. 

What Does Decibet Offer?

User-friendly Interface

has a web-based platform that can be easily accessed and used by all bettors,
regardless of experience.  Upon accessing
the site, there will be three hard to miss tabs: “Today’s matches,” “Bets
and “Cash”.

Bets tab lets users see the status of the bets they have made or are in
progress. The Cash is for making
withdrawals and deposits where the user can choose the crypto payment by clicking
on a drop-down list.

left side of the site features a list that allows you to access the matches based
on their country. When you select a country, the page will display the matches
with the teams from that country as well as…

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2019-04-16 14:31:14

Adrian Mathieu

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