Do the Recent Trading Volume Highs Mark an End to the Bitcoin Bear Market?

Identifying the end of the current cryptocurrency’s bear market is a challenge many are attempting to handle.

Major industry proponents have called the bottom on multiple occasions, only for the market to plunge further afterward. However, it does seem that the situation may have changed.

On April 2nd, Bitcoin entered into a long-forgotten positive rally, jumping from around $4,150 to around $5,000 in hours. The run continued throughout the rest of the week, as the cryptocurrency is currently sitting comfortably above $5,100. Naturally, this drove the entire market up, with almost all major altcoins marking serious gains as well.

One thing that has to be noted, however, is that the latest Bitcoin rally was also backed by serious volume. In fact, Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, saw Bitcoin volumes surging past its all-time high. The volume also surged on other platforms, including Bitcoin margin exchanges such as BitMEX.

Is Increased Volume Signaling the…

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2019-04-16 12:21:39

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