Ethereum Classic Joins the Crypto Price Surge

It’s one heck of a time to own Ethereum Classic (ETC), isn’t it? The currency is now booming in price after suffering a 51 percent attack three months ago in January.

Ethereum Classic: The “Forgotten” Crypto?

The currency is presently up by more than 35 percent and is trading for over ten dollars. Some analysts believe that this is just a strong case of FOMO (fear of missing out), while others go so far as to suggest that the crypto winter is officially over. After all, bitcoin recently spiked beyond the $5,000 mark, while other currencies including Litecoin, Ethereum and EOS are all up with it.

Others are concerned this might be a traditional case of the old pump-and-dump. Jehan Chu – managing partner at Kenetic – thinks there may be more to the story than meets the eye. Discussing Ethereum Classic, he mentions:

The recent price surge across a range of left-behind tokens such as Ethereum Classic demonstrates that the smaller crypto markets are still emotionally driven. The…

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2019-04-11 19:00:12

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