Exchanges Delisting Bitcoin SV (BSV) Is Not Censorship, It’s A Wake-up Call

The delisting of Bitcoin is a wake-up call. And Satoshi Nakamoto saw a problem with the global financial landscape following the 2008 financial meltdown. Centralized authorities held and continue to hold too much power, often leading people to financial ruin.

Forcing his hand and creating
Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that was supposed to take away financial control from
banks and governments and hand it over to the people, Satoshi became a legend.
However, although vital, the emergence of cryptocurrency exchanges is a way
back to concentration with the delisting of Bitcoin SV a sign of fragility and
an example.

Binance, ShapeShift Delists Bitcoin SV, Kraken Could Do the Same

Craig Wright claims to be Satoshi
Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. However, the community is having none of it
until after he proves and spend any of the one million coins under Satoshi’s
custody.  To that end, some influential
proponents of Bitcoin, incensed by Craig assertions are taking this as a…

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2019-04-16 13:15:38

Dalmas Ngetich

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