Executive: Everyone Should Own Some Bitcoin, $1 Million Likely in 7 Years

To many crypto enthusiasts, Bitcoin (BTC) is their entire world. To the world, however, the cryptocurrency is nothing but a blip on the global radar of finance, hence why so few have purchased BTC and other digital assets.

Wences Casares, the chief executive of Xapo, recently sought to change this, publishing an extensive essay to crypto hedge fund Ikigai’s in-house blog to explain why everyone and anyone should own some Bitcoin. Casares even quipped that not owning the asset may be slightly irresponsible at best.

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A $1 Million Bitcoin

While you may not know his name, Casares has long been an integral part of the cryptocurrency community. In fact, he has been titled “Patient Zero” by many in the space, specifically due to the fact that once he caught the Bitcoin bug, it spread like wildfire across Silicon Valley and other circles of influence.

Patient Zero recently sought to continue his…

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2019-04-15 12:04:54

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