Facebook, Twitter and Telegram: A New Crypto Paradigm or a Glorified Voucher Program?

Facebook and Telegram’s launch of coins will be more of a game changer for social media and banking than for crypto.

Facebook is controversial, if nothing else. The world’s fifth-biggest company by market cap, it’s also the biggest social network by a comfortable margin. Yet, despite the fact that most of us use it, we’ve become increasingly suspicious of what it’s been doing with our personal data. Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal (and probably long before), we’ve feared that such data isn’t particularly secure or private, so we’ve been pushing back against the social media giant, as witnessed with last year’s #DeleteFacebook campaign.

But at the same time, those with an interest in cryptocurrency also have an appreciation that, for crypto to enter the mainstream, it will need the backing of a big corporation or two. This is why recent news of Facebook’s apparent plans for its own…

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2019-04-12 14:14:00

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Written by Cointelegraph

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