Fiat A Bubble, Bitcoin A Safe Refuge in the Age of Inflation

Bad news is that the general cost of
living is on the rise while earning, mostly for those at the base of the
pyramid, are stagnant. A twitter user worryingly notes that the cost of essential
items is up 55 percent and this state of “hyperinflation”, it’s the ordinary
who are bearing the brunt. As inflation and value erosion becomes a normal,
benefits of Bitcoin and similar store of value global digit assets will become
more attractive in days ahead.

Inflation Hits 55 Percent

According to a cryptocurrency
enthusiast and software developer, Lyle Pratt, inflation is up by more than 55 percent. For this reason,
he believes that it is time for plan B, which is the adoption of Bitcoin. The
use of Bitcoin as a store of value could cushion the effect of inflation which
seems to have affected the most important aspects of our lives.

In his…

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2019-04-15 13:45:41

Dalmas Ngetich

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